Thursday, July 02, 2015


I continue to vamp on the Drachenfels, and now I'm calling it Drachenstreifen (dragon stripes). The colors are working great together.
My favorite part are the little dots that come from two rows of slipped stitches. That's the entertaining part of the knit.

I've been getting ready for our trip to New Zealand, and we're pretty much under control for 'this point' (we leave Tuesday afternoon).

It has been very warm here, with many threats of wildfires especially during the holiday weekend. Eugene has banned fireworks in the 'south' part of town (which includes us) and I'm thrilled about that--although who knows how well it will be implemented, given that the City Council just voted yesterday to approve it.

On Tuesday, Civic Stadium, our local baseball field, burned to the ground.It was built in 1938 (I believe) as part of a WPA project and  was one of the oldest (if not the oldest) minor league ball park in the country. The fire was started by four kids, 12 and under, playing around with a lighter. That makes me so sad. They'll be charged with second degree arson and hopefully they'll learn some tough tough lessons from this event.


elns said...

The colors really do look lovely together. I love the detailed picture.

I'm sorry about the local ball park. Such a waste.

We watched the post July 4 news locally and there was a lot of head shaking.

elns said...

Oh yes, and Bon Voyage! Have a great trip! Happy and safe travels!

KSD said...

The dots do add depth.

I was just reading about the stadium. Awful. It looked like a beautiful place.