Friday, July 31, 2015

Tiniest lag


And I'm still not sleeping great. I dream about rapids--Tim wonders if I have a bit of PTSD from the trip. There's just a lot to process about New Zealand, and so I guess I'm still doing that.

I still haven't started on my 'big' research project yet and summer is technically half over according to our school calendar (I hate being on quarters in June, I love being on quarters in August and September). I have revamped two syllabi for fall term so that's good--and one paper that has been 'in the works' for a bit is almost done. And we're about to send off a book manuscript. So it isn't like I'm a huge slacker.

I gave up on two books: "The War of the Encyclopedists" because I thought it was going to be a nerdy book a la Mr. Penumbra and it wasn't and "A Man at the Helm" because it is meant to be funny but I'm not finding it so. I'm reading a new book by Elin Hildebrand (sp?) that is pure chick lit and not funny but good characters so that's fine.

And I started on the baby onesie, Pepita. It is at the top of this post. Cute!


elns said...

Baby knits. The blogosphere is trying to tell me to put some on the needles.

Your onesie is definitely off to a good start. Super cute.

I enjoyed your paragraph on reading and how you gave up on two books and why. I don't read nearly as much as I used to or as I'd like, but it's really liberating to stop reading something that isn't fulfilling you. There are so many other things out there, right? Like knitting. This is supposed to be our recreation and relaxation.

Have a great weekend. Wishing you good sleep.

kathy b said...

Pepita is sooooo cute.