Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What Really Matters...

....when you are in New Zealand.

New Zealand is absolutely amazing. Not so great bandwidths though.

Anyway--we have been exploring all types of beautiful places and meeting all manner of lovely people. And eating all kinds of delicious food--PAVLOVA! Why don't we have that at home?

This afternoon we'll be going on a raft trip that culminates with a 7 meter waterfall. Yes, the raft goes over the waterfall. You are all knitters so you know how big of a drop that is. I'm a bit scared.

This morning we walked around Rotorua (which is where we are right now, we leave tomorrow for the Bay of Islands) and did a bit of shopping. I bought New Zealand yarn because that is what one does, right? The top is two different colors of a new range put out by Naturally New Zealand. The yarn is Harmony Colour Tweed, and both skeins are dye lot 1 which says they are the first lot! The shop lady told me that the company tests new yarns in NZ before it decides whether to take them international or not. So I feel very in the know. The big hunk is 8 ply Creative Yarns hand dyed in NZ in the  Blackberry colorway. Creative Yarns is based in Rotorua. The 200 grams is 410 meters and it cost about $20 (US). I call that a bargain!!

More pics when we return early next week.


kathy b said...

LOVE your update and your yarn picks. Hello from the other side of the world ! Don't get hurt in that raft!

KSD said...

Nicely done! Continue having what sounds like a glorious time.

elns said...

Ooo! I love the colorways you chose. I'm glad you are sampling the local yarns. Have a great fun (and safe) raft trip. It sounds so cool, if yes, a little scary. But you're cool beans, you'll be just fine.