Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Day Late

Yesterday was National Dog Day (or some such) and I forgot to post something, but let us celebrate today, shall we?

Pilot! Note his bright and shiny new collar with airplanes and stars (pretty much like his old collar except not filthy). We love this guy so much, even when he's grumpy and when he eats all the good stuff off the counter. Yesterday we celebrated with a bath and watched him go nuts because being wet is not one of his favorite things. He's so soft and smells so nice now!

Comet! She's become such a self-confident girl after a horrific start to her life. She loves Pilot and Jessie (cat) but of course loves Tim and I the most. She's starting to calm down around strange dogs too. We love her energy and her playfulness. We also love that when Pilot gets tired during their rough and tumble sessions, he lays on his back and lets her wrestle with whatever she can get her jaws on (legs tail cheek ear etc).

Jeanie! Obligatory knitting picture.

So here's what's new here:

1. WEATHER! We are supposed to get rain tomorrow---more rain than we have had in about six months. Delirium ensures.

2. READING! I'm reading "Contrition" about a woman who finds out her birth father was a famous artist and her previously-unknown twin sister is a cloistered nun (main character adopted at birth). It is an interesting book about religion and vocation and art and destiny.

3. WATCHING! We finished "The Affair" last night. The last two episodes were incredibly rushed and it left us with a cliffhanger but still good.

4. WORK! I concentrated on a revise and resubmit yesterday so I feel less slug-like.

How are you?

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kathy b said...

Contrition sounds so interesting! cant' wait to hear if it is worth the time to read