Friday, August 28, 2015

Around and around

The hat continues.

It needs to be blocked and stretched out, obviously, as opposed to beret looking but I think it will turn out well. I'm almost out of the ball of yarn so I will finish this up with the black. It is still fun but the fun is slowing down and now I just want it to be done.

I finished "Contrition" was a good book but wrapped things up too neatly. As I mentioned yesterday, the story is about a woman who was adopted at birth and as an adult learns her father was a famous painter and her sister is a cloistered nun. The characters are good and it wasn't too religious-y but I kind of disliked the overall idea that the main character's two life choices were a. nun or b. tabloid reporter.

I am also reading "Swann" by Carol Shields which is about an undiscovered poet and what happens when she is discovered. It seems pretty good. I haven't read any Carol Shields (how did I miss the excitement over "The Stone Diaries"?) so I'll keep going with this for a bit.

Other than that, just spending time walking the dogs and waiting for the rain to come!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty color combo! I think it will look great with the black at the end again. It sorts of ties it all together.