Sunday, August 16, 2015

Going fast!

Don't you love a project that goes fast?

This is the back of the Catholic sweater (NDDG). One of the best things about the Double Seed Stitch (which BTW goes much faster than regular seed stitch) is that you don't get those awkward 'rowing out' situations and it really looks quite good. This needs a bit of a block (could use about another inch in length which I will be able to get in blocking) but not much of one.

I'm not sure when I started this, I'll have to go check, but I feel I've haven't been working on this that long (interpretation: I"m not bored with it).

Note the corrugated shoulder which is a nice styling touch!

This was also made this weekend:

Ratatouille. I had peppers, onions and an eggplant in the CSA basket (oh and tomatoes) so all I needed was a zucchini (yes I"m shocked there wasn't one in the basket) and made this up.  I used this recipe and it tastes great. I believe the secret is a really, really fresh eggplant--a farmer's market eggplant--because the freshness make it taste king of sweet.

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kathy b said...

MMMMMMM . Your knitting and your Rat.. look great