Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello fall!

The rain has brought with it beautiful fall weather---it will probably heat up again (I read somewhere that the first week in September is usually ridiculously hot here) but for now I'm enjoying the clean air and the cool temperatures (the house got down to 68 last night for the first time since last spring--it felt good to huddle under the blanket).

Tim left for a trip to St. Louis and Augusta Georgia yesterday early so we didn't really sleep that well--I was in a bit of a daze yesterday. Plus, even though there are many days when I'm not around Tim for 12 hours a day, it always takes me a bit of time to adjust to him being 'really' gone, so I felt a bit at sixes and sevens. So yesterday after a good walk with the dogs, I worked on a work project for a few hours and then read the September issue of "In Style" (I don't read magazines anymore, really, but I do make an exception for the September issues to see what the 'trends' are for fall. Apparently the trends are furry stuff, pastels, and red plaid. You are welcome.).

Then I made a "Rich and Charlie's salad" (aka a St. Louis chopped salad) for dinner; you can find the recipe here and please note that I use Tarragon vinegar instead of red wine vinegar and I do not put ham in it. And I do put the cheese right into the vinegar and oil dressing. I use Kraft grated parm in the green can for this (I actually buy Western Family brand but it is the same thing).  I watched the Video Music Awards while enjoying my salad.

Not that I"m a big music video fan, but I read somewhere that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were performing. Not that I"m a big Macklemore fan, but our nephew Stephen works for M&RL (he is an audio engineer...when they tour I think he works the recorded vocals but I'm not sure) and Stephen posted a photo of him at the outdoor stage so I knew he was there so I watched it with a hope of seeing him. Didn't see him. Saw and heard a bunch of stuff I can't unsee/unhear so yeah.

This is almost done-a few more rows and then decreases for the top.

And some more shells for you:


KSD said...

Thanks for the info on trends; good to know!

Want me to skate down to Augusta and check on Tim?

elns said...

HAHAHA! I hadn't watched the VMAs in years and for some reason felt like tuning in this year and I'm right there with you, the things I can't unsee and hear. Ah well. I was more entertained though, than I'd like to admit. And now back to my regularly scheduled entertainment, ha!

Lastly red plaids and pastels? This doesn't bode well for me.