Monday, August 10, 2015

Needs a good blocking

I'm about 75% done with this cowl (I will probably publish the design on Rav if I can remember what I did) and it needs a good block. But I guess I should finish it first!

We had lovely weather this weekend and we took advantage--a long walk Saturday morning, lunch out and a visit to the Saturday market. Sunday a short walk followed by a great paddle at Fern Ridge--so many birds even though we were there late morning (early morning seems better for birds). We did get a look at one of my favorites--one white pelican (a flock live near the reservoir) and we also saw a few grebe (love those) and a huge blue heron (and quite a few white ones too). Just a great trip.

I've been feeling a bit like a slacker because my big project for the summer (research wise) is going very slowly. I have to remind myself that since NZ I've written parts of two papers (someone else wrote the rest), finished a book and sent it off, and also wrote a piece with a colleague that will show up on MediaShift sometime in the next few weeks. So that is kind of unslackerish, right?

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