Friday, August 14, 2015

OK Bored Now

I know myself as a knitter and I knew that Jeanie would get a bit tedious but man oh man:

 I finished another repeat and it doesn't look any longer than before. It is maybe 40 inches long (and I measured it stretched out as it does need a really hard block) and it needs to get up to 70 inches.

It is really pretty when you look at the dropped stitches:

Turn your head sideways please. And this is pretty bleached out for whatever reason.

It is a tedious knit because it combines two things that take a bit of time: reverse cabling meaning that the pattern is k1 p1 so the cables get reversed, and the drop stitches mean that out of every eight stitches, four are knit or purled through the back (it goes like this: k1tbl p1 k1 p1tbl k1tpb p1 k1 p1tbl) (OK I could have done that in four stitches but the cables are a 4/4 so yeah) and it just takes so long. So long.

Anyway, I will persevere. I would really like to get this done by the end of summer break, which gives me til the last week in September, so I might be able to do it.


kathy b said...

Al knit a broomstick lace top and it came out lovely. Carry on!

KSD said...

That IS stunning. Are you in a Blue Phase?