Saturday, August 29, 2015

One down

One sleeve that is.

Sleeves aren't very exciting but it IS exciting to have one sleeve done--one more sleeve and this sweater is done--except for the collar and the blocking and the sewing up.

But yay! I like a lot. I do like the moss stitch and it keeps the knitting from the evil 'rowing out' that can occur.

Not much else to report: it did rain last night and it was lovely to lie in bed and listen to the rain, along with the distance little rumblings of thunder. The air is fresh and clean this morning--and cool--and there is a great breeze.

I finished a 'cozy' mystery about a knitting shop called "The Postman Always Purls Twice"--it was in the new book section at the library. It was by (I believe) Anne Canedo and it is a series about the Black Sheep Knitting Group and how they solved a mystery. Spoiler alert: they solve this one too. But I needed a nice light thing so that was just the thing.

Now I am reading Black Chalk which is as far away from a knitting cozy as you can get. I got this book since reviews mentioned it was like "The Secret History" which is one of my favorite books ever. It is a mystery set in Oxford (in the 80s) and NYC (present day) and that is about all I know so far (I don't even know what the mystery is!).

Also today, Tim and I played around with some potential shadowbox arrangements of the tiny shells we found on a beach in Paihia in New Zealand. I'll end with one arrangement.


Anonymous said...

The shells look cute that way.

Since I live where shells are common, I collect flat stones on my travels. I write where/when I got them on the back with a sharpie.

KSD said...

Shells absolutely enthrall me.