Sunday, August 23, 2015

Smoky Sunday

There are many wildfires in the Pacific Northwest this year, and while none of them are close to us (thank goodness), the smoke has been sucked down into the Willamette Valley. The Air Quality was at unhealthy levels by the end of the day yesterday and currently it is at unhealthy levels already (10am on Sunday). So my guess is that we may be pretty sedentary today--we may try a paddle early afternoon before it gets too bad.

I've been working on the 'front' of NDDG, and have much of it done:

There's a 'henley' type opening and a 'placket' and i can't quite visualize it right now but I think it will be good once it is done. It will take a few more hours for the other side and then comes the JOY OF KNITTING SLEEVES but this knits up pretty fast.

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