Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ToT: the Country Edition

I don't really go to the country--I live in kind of a small town and the 'country' is a few blocks away--but let us do this by thinking about the 'country' as going to a quiet peaceful place--the coast. (There was just an Internet thing about how Oregonians call the coast the coast and not the beach. It always amuses me to see families get out with their umbrellas and beach pails and sunscreen and discover why we call it the coast. Brrrr.)

  1. The exhale--as soon as we turn into whatever parking lot near whatever ocean spot, I have a huge exhale of stress leaving and peace arriving
  2. The food--different enough from day to day but familiar enough to always look forward to it
  3. The noises--the surf and the wind and the seabirds
  4. Finding treasures on the beach--shells, sand dollars
  5. Unexpected surprises--like coming across a group of horse back riders enjoying a sunset ride
  6. Wearing fun boots (mine are black with polka dots) for tromping around the water
  7. Sunsets
  8. Fires in the fireplace whatever time of year
  9. Just watching the ocean
  10. Tired happy dogs at the end of the day

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kathy b said...

I want to be a horseback rider at sunset