Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a quiet and nice weekend. Tim sadly has a bad summer cold so that put a bit of a damper on some original plans but it ended up we spent a lot of time hanging out on the patio outside, reading and talking. So we can't complain too much!

And this:
It looks like something now.

Let's see what else? I have a hankering to do entrelac, so I think I will ditch my "Blue Hands" glove idea (the yarn I wanted to use was too think) and make an entrelac slouchy hat out of that. I also have some chunky purple yarn for another slouchy hat and maybe then use the yarn from NZ for gloves.

-finished "Green Dolphin Street" and loved it, I wonder if I would have been brave enough to take a sailing ship to marry a lad in 1840.
-returned to "The Luminaries" and I like it so I need a break. My break is "A Woman with a Secret" by Sophie Hannah. It is about....wait for it...a woman with a secret (although I just started it and I sort of know what her secret is but there's stuff that needs more connections). Anyway. It is in that "Gone Girl" "Girl on a Train" mode (and I"m surprised it isn't "A Girl With a Secret") so it is a fun page turner about a woman who makes all the wrong choices.

-we watched the second match of the Bledisloe cup where our All Blacks DEMOLISHED the Wallabies (rugby). The Rugby World Cup starts in a few weeks so maybe I'll understand the game by then.
-"Slow West"--streaming on Amazon. A very different take on the American West (filmed in New Zealand)
-"The Affair"--I guess this was a Showtime series? It has Dominic West in it (who plays American better than most Americans) whom I love and also Ruth Wilson who honestly scares me completely in everything she is in (which has been the remake of "The Prisoner" and a few episodes of "Luther" in which she is terrifying. Anyway...just watching her terrifies me. But after one episode I'm pretty hooked.

That's our life!


elns said...

Your summer knitting is really making tracks!

Summer colds stink. I am hoping fervently that the kid just has allergies. I may have broken him these last few weeks with all the activity, ha!

Ruth Wilson was amazing in Luther. I would imagine her intimidating in real life.

You've always got such interesting reads going on. Have a good week!

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks! Glad to know that we are in the same Ruth Wilson camp--I wonder if she knits?

kathy b said...

Those summer colds are the WORST. Glad you didnt catch it.