Saturday, September 05, 2015

(Almost) Finished Project

So what did the beads turn into? This!
It is a beaded bracelet! And for some reason it looks really awful in that picture, probably because it is not done yet as the clasp keeps falling off so this is just sort of loosely wrapped around my wrist.

Here is how it looks close up:

The beads, yarn, clasp stuff and threader (and recipe) came in a kit from Laura Nelkin--but now that I have the recipe I can try other materials. I like how the beads look but honestly I like a much more structured bracelet--this one just feels sort of not substantial (and given that it is just a few yards of laceweight and some beads, it really isn't). I'm going to soak it to see if it tightens up a bit. And the clasp that came with the kit is sort of dysfunction so I may rethink the clasp. I have some stuff from my 'beading phase' a few years back so I can probably find a better clasp.

I also have some stainless steel yarn in the stash (from Habu maybe?)(and I have lots of it) so I'm going to try this again with that yarn to see if it gives me a more 'bracelet'-y feeling bracelet (if that makes any sense at all). I do have wire but I hate knitting with wire.

I used size 0 dpns for this and since there are only four stitches on the needle it works fine.

What else to tell you? Still very cool here--slept great last night since Pilot decided to sleep at the foot of the bed instead of in the geographic center of the bed and I had more room to stretch out. I'm LOVING "The Bellwhether Revivals".  As I mentioned in my previous post, it is very much like "The Secret History"--twin siblings from a well off family, an outsider who joins the clique, and what happens when feelings of superiority go very very wrong. I think it was published about ten years ago (oops scratch that--I just googled it and it was published in 2012) and the author is Benjamin Wood.

That's about it from here--oh I also cast on from that sweater from the new IK (the one with the cable yoke) and there's an awful lot of Stockinette in the round before it gets interesting at all. Oh well.

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kathy b said...

I LIKE your bracelet!!!