Saturday, September 26, 2015

Another wedge

I finished the second wedge of the Christmas tree skirt yesterday:
You can start to see how this creates sort of a 'circle'. I still really enjoy this knit and it goes pretty quickly--I can knit a wedge in maybe three hours so I might even get this finished during football season and before Christmas this year!

I've also been knitting on the pink sweater and enjoy that too--it is a bit more 'mindless' than the tree skirt. I need to finish up the baby jumper for the baby that will be born in November (still have time on that one though...not much though!).

In other news:
-I need a good book. I need to dig into 'Black Chalk' instead of picking it up and putting it down. I started "A Spool of Blue Thread" and put it down pretty quickly.
-The Symphony was good--one world premier (ok) and one amazing violinist (Benjamin Bielman). The highlight was 'An American in Paris'.
-LIBRARY BOOK FOUND! Funny how that happened.
-New Zealand won their second 'test' (match) quite handily, and again the combination of live radio and online updates helped us follow the game.  GO ALL BLACKS!
-And Go Ducks and Go Broncos!

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rosy said...

'A Spool of Blue Thread'is our book club choice for this month and I really liked it! I have not read any Anne Tyler before and this made me laugh out loud in parts ~ even on the tube up to London ~ though fortunately in an almost empty carriage on a Saturday afternoon! I found her turn of phrase very funny right from the start and thoroughly enjoyed the writing. I felt it brought home that all families are really only special to themselves.

Our meeting is not until 14 October and I am looking forward to hearing what the group have to say. I would be interested to know what it was that made you put it down pretty sharpish.

I love the Christmas Tree skirt by the way.

Best Wishes

Rosy in England