Thursday, September 03, 2015

Craft Experiment #1

I'm not doing that well with 'Experimental Craft Week' because I've been actually working quite hard (research projects) and trying to finish the second sleeve for the Catholic sweater so I can get it sewn up. But I did do an experimental craft yesterday!

In which Kim needle felts

Have you ever done needle felting? I haven't (well until yesterday). I wanted to do this because there is something I want to make for Tim for Christmas and needle felting seems to be a good way. Plus I had bought a kit on sale last Christmas so had all the stuff. (All the stuff means: roving, a felting needle, and a small piece of foam core).

It is a sheep. It is one of those stylized "Shawn the Sheep" type sheep which was done making tiny needle felt balls and needle felting them onto an egg shaped body, adding a head and little feet.
Needle felting doesn't need water (who knew??) and you can sort of sculpt the felted wool as long as you don't mind poking yourself incessantly or remembering to use the foam core as a backing for poking.

So yeah, that is all it is--poke poke poke. It might come in handy when I am feeling like I want to hit someone at work--sort of a craft person's voodoo doll.

I have a book on tiny little felted things so I might try some little things that don't require a whole lot of shaping on my way to make Tim's present.

Bottom line: needle felting is quick and fun and I might even have a bit of aptitude for it. Materials are inexpensive and dangerous.

And here is the top of the hat I posted about yesterday:

And in case you can't see the black swirly clearly

A few other things:

-BRRR it was 48 this morning and 65 in the house and foggy--a great morning for a walk! Now it is clear and still beautiful.
-I finished "Snobs"--it was OK---I think it was Fellow's thesis that the Upper Classes in the UK will never change.
-I watched "The Big Chill" last night--haven't seen that movie for a long time. Kevin Kline was (is still) SO CUTE!


KSD said...

I've thought about trying needle felting. I'm glad to know there are small "starter kits."

Linda said...

I've never done needle felting! Thought about it - but never have yet.

I could only wish it was that cool here! Very hot here and very humid! Bleck....

Linda in VA