Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday and a hat

I survived our retreat yesterday  (mostly by skipping out early) and came home to join Tim for a walk with the dogs, during which the heavens opened up and we got as wet as wet can be (and we live in was really torrential for a while). Today I went in and met with a student going abroad (to South Africa) to talk about her thesis and also cleaned my office, throwing away tons of paper. It felt great!

KNITTING! This is the hat I"m knitting with Big Bad Wool that I won in the KH/KC contest.  I first did a band doing a loose braided cable (with the darkest yellow):

And then I picked up stitches and am knitting around for a lighter yellow part:

And I'll figure out a way to finish it when I get there.

READING: I finished "The Admissions" (it was good) and also read a book called "The Ice Twins". This one is really spooky--in fact I couldn't read it before bed it was that spooky. The book starts out with a couple moving to the far northern part of Scotland after the husband, Angus, inherits an island from his grandmother. They are moving with their 7 year old daughter, Kirstie. We learn early on that the couple had another daughter, Kirstie's twin Lydia, who died in a fall from a balcony six months before the start of the book. At the end of the first chapter, the mother (Sarah) asks Kirstie if she is ready to go somewhere and Kirstie says "why are you calling me Kirstie? I'm Lydia." And off we go.


BIG NEWS: we are meeting with a builder on the coast tomorrow to talk about building a house on the coast! More news on that soon!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't BELIEVE the ending to that football game. It was exciting right up to the end. Congrats on the win for your guys!

Love the colors (and the construction technique) on your new hat.

kathy b said...

I love the yellows. What a great idea. I may have to copy that.
Also I know someone who loves scary books. Will pass on the reviewW