Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hole in the Head Wednesday

I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but I went ahead and cast on for a Christmas Tree Skirt yesterday just because I wanted to do a Christmas Tree Skirt. The pattern I'm doing is Teva Durham's Aran Tree Skirt from the book Handknit Holidays--the book has been out for ten years and I knew I wanted to knit the skirt the minute I saw it, but it hasn't been the 'right time' til now (because with a project like this, December 15 is not the right time unless I"m planning a year ahead).

So far:

It is interesting construction--wedges made with short rows. First you knit the red stitches and then the aran stitches, each row about 3 sttiches shorter than the previous one.

The actual pattern uses bulky wool (and I think it is doubled) but I'm going to make a smaller skirt. I'm using Fisherman's Wool for the aran part and Cascade 220.

There are two camps for Christmas Tree Skirts. I'm in the 'wrap the skirt around the bucket that is holding the tree' camp. There is also the 'spread it out around the bottom' camp (and I think many people are in this camp and I THINK this pattern falls into this camp) so a smaller one will be fine.

The skirt we have now was made in my pre-knitting days--it is embroidery with sequins--white on white. It is pretty but SO 1990s!

I bet I have you thinking Christmassy thoughts now!


kathy b said...

OH My GOODNESS that is an amazing pattern. LOVE that you cast away your concerns and CAST ON!

Anonymous said...

That's going to be pretty! Love the bright red against the softer cream.