Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pink for Days

Well I guess just pink for A day, because I spent time knitting on this yesterday:

So  yeah, here it is in sun and in shade for your viewing pleasure.

I have two more repeats of the cable before the shoulder shaping and then the back will be done. I think the back is the most involved piece because the front has a nice v neck so it won't be quite so much to get that done. But I still like this even if it does take me away from my beloved Christmas Tree Pie (skirt).

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day--we went to a birthday part for a 1-year old (one of my PhD advisee's daughter) and that was nice in a 'what are we doing here' kind of way. Then we bought straw for the backyard. Our backyard is small and kind of a mess--nothing really grows and it gets very muddy once the rain starts. We've found, though, if we spread straw all over the yard it keeps the dogs less muddy. So we hauled home two bales and spread them out. Then we got a pizza and watched the disastrous Duck game where, according to our local paper, the Ducks were 'booted out of the national spotlight'. Ouch.

Today is a hang-around day as I will force myself back to the reality of school starting again. Yes, other schools have been on for weeks. We are just beginning.


kathy b said...

Happy School year. I hope you have wonderful students

elns said...

The pink knitting looks good! Wishing you an excellent school year :)