Friday, September 11, 2015

Sous sous

So so I started started sous sous:

It zips along quite quickly, and I really like working with Rowan Kid Classic (although I am already worried I won't have enough--argh! The color is discontinued but it does look like I can find it at a few online stores and have reached out to someone on Rav who has it for sale). The stitch definition is really good, so this project is a big thumbs up for me!

I am almost done with the attached bind off for Jeanne--I should probably just sit down and FOCUS and finish that off. I also want to take some time today and at least start on the sewing up of the Catholic sweater.

What else? Reading: I finished the book that I referred to incorrectly last Wednesday: "In a Dark, Dark Wood" by Ruth Ware. You should read this--it is really good and it is a page turner--and it isn't very long--you could read it in one sitting. If you like thrillers/mysteries.

Last night I started "Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper" which looks to be a somewhat silly book but maybe I need that right now after so many dark books. Plus I'm feeling--well not blue exactly, just DISAPPOINTED that the summer is over and work is loooooming.

I subscribed to a blog called "Craft Gossip" and honestly, if I was retired, I could just do crafts all day long. And live in a crazy craft house.

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KSD said...

Knew the pink would pop. You always make exactly the right color choices.