Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Taking Stock

Today is my last day of summer break--classes don't start for a week and a half, yet, but starting tomorrow I have 'back to school' activities every day til the end of next week. Most of these activities are sitting in a meeting and saying something about myself while listening to others say stuff about themselves. It is not fun.

So today I'm going to do some of the things I love best--knit and read--and not think about the Times Ahead (this is a touch term coming up--I have three classes and a pretty busy schedule).

I'm also reflecting about the summer, and if I had to grade myself I would give myself a 'B' (I'm a pretty easy grader though). I have to remind myself that I don't get paid in the summer so don't really have to work at all. Anyway, this summer I:

-finished the MTurk book
-revised two papers for revise and resubmit reviews
-collected data for my organic paper
-wrote two papers (and submitted them) about how people think about the words 'fee' and 'tax' with my friend Sid
-wrote a panel proposal for a conference
-did some work on two other studies: the green opinion leader study and the creative crowdsourcing study--these two studies are the reason for my 'B' since I should have gotten much farther on them. Oh well.

I'm tentatively planning a sabbatical for winter term so I can work on those last projects--we'll see how that goes.

OK so more interesting stuff:

KNITTING: Sous Sous is coming along:

This is the back with three repeats done (I think the back as a whole is eight repeats). This is a good approximation of the color too.

HEre is a closeup of the cable:
This yarn (kid classic by Rowan) gives incredible stitch definition.

Also cast on for the hat I'm making out of some of the gift yarn (Big Bad Wool) and I'll post that tomorrow.

Have to figure out what to take to the retreat tomorrow for mindless knitting.

READING: I'm still reading "The Admissions" but took a break to zip through a book called "Bradstreet Gate" about a murder at Harvard. Yes I'm on a Harvard kick right now. Anyway, I got the book from the library because it was called similar to "The Secret History" which is one of my favorite books of all time. However, "Bradstreet Gate" is no "The Secret History" but it was fine for a quick page turner.

I started thinking on the walk this morning about my five favorite books of all time (that I could read again and again) and they are:

-The Secret History
-State of Wonder
-Harry Potter (all but if I had to pick I'd pick "HP and the Goblet of Fire"
-I Capture the Castle
-Little Women

I do note that four out of five have young adults as the primary character(s) and that three out of five involve academic institutions so there you go.

FOOD: I made King Ranch Chicken last night and it was yummy.

WATCHING: We are trying to finish up Poldark. Trying.

That's it from here--we are due for a rainy day and that makes me happy.


kathy b said...

I LOVE your list. I capture the castle...I better go look that one up.
It was a wonderful summer wasnt it?

Anonymous said...

Sous Sous is beautiful. I love that soft pink color.

KSD said...

Ummmmm. I'm gonna have to think about my Top Five Books.