Monday, September 21, 2015

Tons o' Teal

So this is neverending stockinette stitch before I get to the interesting yoke--aka the Tucker sweater.

Fascinating, no?

Classes begin a week from today. I went in today and updated my calendar (yee) and did my to-do list. I tried to start on it ('cause honestly there's a lot of put-yer-head-down-and-get-er-done stuff on there) but I just didn't want to do any of it. So I came home, put a pot of chili on the stove and now I'll pretend it will all go away.

I really thought I could generate some level of caring for this year but apparently not yet.

Reading: I'm reading "Brutality" by Ingrid Thoft, one of the Fina Ludlow novels. Fina is a private eye who lives in Boston (and she did go to Harvard Square in this book but there is minimal Harvard mentions in this book). This one is either the third or fourth in the series, and I really enjoy them. I really like the independent character of Fina who has a lot of complicated relationships with family in the books. Anyway--if you like good mysteries/page turners with strong women characters, try some of Ingrid Thoft books.

Rugby World Cup: the New Zealand All Blacks won their first game against Argentina but it was a struggle. They are ranked (the All Blacks) first in the world right now so hopefully it was just nerves yesterday. I 'watched' the game by looking at live updates on the RWC phone app, following Tweets, and occasionally listening to the radio announcer. Not a recommended way of sports viewing.

Hope you're falling in love with fall!

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kathy b said...

Sometimes a project stalls and that's ok! Enjoy what you are knitting