Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ToT: Best friends!

Today's Ten on Tuesday is ten things you like to do with your best friend. Tim (my husband) is my best friend and here are things we like to do:

  1. Walk the dogs--as we don't have kids, our dogs are our kids and our first dog, Cody, made us a family.Walking our dogs Pilot and Comet is always a lovely part of the day.
  2. Walk without the dogs--we try to go around the block every evening for a relaxing catch up that doesn't involve picking up poop.
  3. Kayak--out in nature on the water is a great place for us.
  4. Trying new restaurants--being adventurous!
  5. Saturday lunch--we try to go out for a pub lunch every Saturday at one of our many local brew pubs.
  6. Cook--we may get in each other's way but being together in the kitchen can be a lot of fun.
  7. Travel--we find that we get along really well in the car, so long car trips are pretty fun for us.
  8. Bananagrams--especially in the winter we can get pretty cutthroat on this. Scrabble is out.
  9. Sunday mornings with the paper, reading parts out loud.
  10. Just hanging out on the patio. The rainy season will start soon so we are getting every patio moment available.
Pretty simple I know--but simple is good. Really good!


Anonymous said...

Simple is REALLY good! :-)

Steve and I can just sit quietly in the same room and be quite content. It's so relaxing just know if you WANT to talk, you can, but you don't HAVE to.

Kwizgiver said...

I love how you share the paper with each other. That reminds me of my best friend, too.

kathy b said...

My husband is my best friend. Im delighted to see your list.
We love to:
go on long car rides...usually with adestination
driving range
watching sports on T.V I really dont mind
ride our bikes
snow shoe