Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ToT: The Education Edition!

Today's Ten on Tuesday is great: ten things you wish you could learn instantly!

This one is particularly easy for me since I have subscribed to the Craft Gossip blog and every day get about twenty new craft projects I could try. They all involve some type of supply purchase AND learning curve and of course most of the things would just sit in the junk room until we moved but I WANT TO TRY ALL THE THINGS!

So here are my ten:

1. Tie dying with tumeric. Just because that was one of the craft gossip things today: tie dying a scarf with tumeric. I'm not even sure what color tumeric is--I just want to tie dye with it.

2. Paper marbling: it is so pretty! What do you do with marbled paper though?

3. Sewing on a serger. I can't really even sew on any type of machine except a seam. But sergers look big and fun.

4. OK now onto more serious stuff: I'd like to learn how to whip egg whites without an electric beater in a way that my arms don't fall off.

5. Languages. All the languages. Well mostly italian, maori, dutch and mongolian.

6. Crochet. My fingers are too fat and crochet is too fiddly.

7. Motors and how to fix one. I don't know anything about them other than they frighten me.

8. To fly a plan. Because it might come in handy some day.

9. To read a river and be a white water rafting guide. I can't read rivers--I've tried but I just don't get it.

10. Derivatives. Just because I need a mathy thing on my list.


Linda said...

I too want to learn to crochet! I've heard it is easier than knitting - but my fingers and brain do not agree. I had planned on having my sister teach me when she came for a visit last year - but we never got around to it. I just want to know the basics so I can do crochet trims on some of my knitted items!

Linda in VA

Kym said...

I love the mix of things on your list! I'd like to learn All the Languages, too!

elns said...

Love your fun list. I love that you want to learn all the things. hehehe. I'm all over that language learning with you and sewing with a machine, any machine. I secretly still hear my mother fussing about watching my fingers. Ah the fear!