Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Today's Ten on Tuesday is ten things I did this weekend. Since I pretty much blogged every single detail of my boring life, I almost skipped this one but then realized that I could take a step back and reflect for a bit and in addition I really have no knitting to show. So ONWARD!

  1. Walked with dogs--we took a 3 mile or so walk every morning. For a while I took my iPhone and listened to music on these walks but then I realized I was missing a lot of things (birds, animals, quiet) so now I walk without music and try to experience what the dogs experience. Amazingly, it makes the time go by really fast.
  2. Walked by myself--on days when I spend a lot of time alone I find that a brisk walk around the block connects me to the earth and is a great break (and I get a few more steps in).
  3. Knit--I focused on finishing up some things and not rushing through to finish them. I also spent time looking through my stash and thinking about what to knit next. That's fun.
  4. Rugby--I watched the USA-Australia Rugby game and appreciated how well the American announcers tried to explain the crazy game of Rugby to US viewers.
  5. Read--I already wrote about how much I enjoyed "The Bellwether Revivals"--I also posted that on Twitter and @-signed (what is the right term?) the author and he send me a DM (cool!)--I also found that another person decided to read the book so that's good. It's fun to help authors on social media and I do think they appreciate it.
  6. Movies from my past--I started a few old movies that were on TV and found out that they really didn't hold up over time. Example: the Steve Martin version of Parenthood. At the same time, I found that "This is Spinal Tap" indeed DOES stand up over time especially with the news about the new archeological finding near Stonehenge ("no one knows why they were there or what they were doing...")
  7. Cooking--I ate lots of salad and made my favorite corn and black been salad, which is basically corn and black beans and green salsa. Serve it over rice. Yum.
  8. Cleaned! I did a mammoth straighten up on Sunday before Tim got home; I also did some work outside to de-spiderwebfy the spider condos that have been established this summer.
  9. Investigate--I did a bit of a deeper dig on the refugee crisis to understand a bit more about it.
  10. Contemplate--I thought a lot. I started thinking about flags and the nature of flags and patriotism for a paper I'm thinking about writing. That led me into love of country and what is related to that and an examination of my own feelings in that area. So yeah--a bit 'life of the mind' for me this weekend.
It was different but good.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I would have loved to have your weekend!! I did knit and read a bit. And I know exactly what you mean about the Steve Martin version of Parenthood.

I usually do walk the dogs without any music, too. It definitely helps to be more aware of what they are hearing and reacting to while we are out, and it is also nice because I hear the sounds of the world waking up (We usually walk early.).

We usually watch Premier League football on the weekend but this weekend there were no matches, and it would have been fun to watch some rugby.


Bonny said...

Walking, knitting, reading, and contemplation all add up to a pretty good weekend. I'm especially interested in The Bellwether Revivals. A well-written book that's similar to The Secret History is definitely going on my list. Thanks for the recommendation!

kathy b said...

Great list. I entertained and was entertained. I knit my baby blanket and finished a hat . I contemplated my next knit

elns said...

Oh my goodness Kim! You've been up to a bunch, not just what's in this top 10 list.

I'm really fond of your list though. You've got a lot of good stuff in here, everything from following up on the refugee crisis to the cleanse!! Sports, walking, reading and movies?!? swoon. And yet there is more. Cheers to the good stuff in a good life!

Patty said...

Very productive indeed! You've got an excellent ability to put a lot into one day! Heck, I couldn't do all that in ten days! :-)

KSD said...

I watched some of the rugby myself. I enjoyed it, though the sport still looks like someone took the rules and routines over several sports and put them in a blender.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I might do this if ten things were something I EVER do any given day. Seems like fun. I must knit that scarf it's so pretty!