Tuesday, September 01, 2015


10 Seemingly Ordinary Things That Bring You Joy

-the first time you light a fire in the fireplace in the fall

-dogs asleep on either side of me
-a great cup of coffee
-clean socks
-remembering passwords
-deer in the neighborhood (even though they eat all the flowers)
-chatting with neighbors on their porch
-when my fitbit buzzes after I reach 10000 steps


Donna said...

Yes - the Fitbit buzz makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

All of those things, except exchange FITBIT for Virgin Health Miles! ;-)

Oh ---- and change up dogs for one small kitty. LOL

Linda said...

I so miss having a doggie to curl up with!

Linda in VA

Susan said...

Nice list! The dog thing cannot be overemphasized. We have three dogs and three bedrooms and the two best snuggling dogs get taken by the kids, so my husband and I always end up with the dog who prefers to sleep by the bedroom door in case there are intruders. I LOVE the nights when I score one (or both) of the cuddly dogs.