Saturday, October 17, 2015


It is out getting blocked in the garage. I love it (of course). And started on a stocking too.

In other news:

*Symphony: we went to the symphony Thursday. It was....different. There was a 12-tone concerto (which means I think that the composer tries to use all 12 notes in order or simultaneously throughout the piece) followed by a piece that was accompanied by a ballet. The music was called "Estancia" (I think) by Ginastera and it was about a day on a ranch in South America. The music was gorgeous. The ballet was...different. It was positioned as not having a story and not related to folk dance and yep, it was neither of those. We appreciate experimentation. Let's leave it at that.

* I finished a book called "That Part Was True" which you should not read. You might want to because it was a. short and b. episolatory and c. set in part in England but you should not read this book. If you start it, you think you might better finish it since a. it is short and b. it can't be so incredibly twee throughout but you should not start it. I have no idea how this book got published. I got it at the library so I don't feel that bad about hating it.

*ALL BLACK in the 'knock out round' today. Go All Blacks.

*Our Ducks play U Washington--perhaps our most bitter rivalry. I'm guessing we'll lose. But Go Ducks anyway.

Have a good weekend!

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I love those cables!