Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fast week

This week seems to be gong by very fast...what happened to Wednesday? Oh I taught for three hours and then graded 18 papers. So here it is on Thursday and time for an update.

I've been working on the first of two Christmas stockings to match the new Christmas tree skirt, and here is the first one:

This is the front, as modeled by my arm in bad lighting.
And this is the back.

This isn't as fun (sadly) as the tree skirt--it is in the round which I tend to like, but I have to use magic loop which kind of slows down the rhythm. But it has gone quite fast and so there's that. There will also be a red band (a knitted braid) at the top.

In other news:

-almost done with week 4 out of ten. Then comes a term of sabbatical. Can't wait.
-brought two new books home from the library. Realized I had already read one. The second one, called Pretty Girls, is just too violent.
-I need to finish The Martian but it gets a bit sciency sometimes (and it also gets me nervous).
-Comet goes for her annual exam to the vet this morning. Sample collected and it is only 7:13. Still need to get one from Pilot though.

Top that, readers!


Bonny said...

Nope, can't top all that, but I am excited about your stockings and sabbatical!

rosy said...

Nor me :(
I knitted a cowl in a 'made by me' pattern. But it was too thick and too tight so have unravelled and will re-knit with larger needles, fewer stitches to the row. So much to do before Christmas!!
Yay for your sabbatical ~ good news indeed
R in E

Anonymous said...

Can't top THAT .......we are talking stool sample, right??? How in the world do you get a urine sample???

The stocking looks like it is moving along pretty quickly! :-)

Kim in Oregon said...

I've been known to follow dogs around with baby food jars when they're outside to get a urine sample. Not pretty but it works!