Thursday, October 08, 2015

Getting crafty

We had craft night at our house last night. Tim wanted to learn how to needle felt--he wants to make a needle felted ornament for his friend Thomas for Christmas. So I got out the big organized (sort of) bag of needle felting stuff and we felted.

Thomas lives in Germany, and was visiting his sister in Georgia this summer. Tim was in St. Louis visiting family and flew over to Georgia for a quick visit with Thomas. One of their activities was a kayak trip that ended with Tim towing Thomas due to Thomas's back. There's a great video of Thomas looking very, very relaxed in the kayak on that trip.

Thomas (or his sister, we aren't sure) sent Tim a little canoe ornament to commemorate the trip, and Tim needle-felted a little Thomas last night. I was very impressed with the hat.

While he was doing this (with my help, but not much at all) I did a little Christmas gnome.
Pretty freaking cute. And it stands up by itself.

I'm slowly acclimating to the new school year, although the schedule (three three-hour discussions each week) is challenging. I have a new group of honors students and a few have already self-identified as special snowflakes. The new PhD students seem good. I have a few new interesting projects going on with some of our PhD students too. The politics are awful but I'm working on putting those aside. After I say my piece, of course.

I finished "The Battle of Versaille" (fashion history) and it was fine--as I wrote previously, I was unaware that there wasn't really American 'high fashion' before that event. I'm also reading "The Dark Net" about the dark side of the Internet. I had read/heard several interviews with the author when the book came out so there's not a whole lot new but it is still interesting.

And this is still in progress:

I'm about to start the decreases for the neckline and then it should finish up fast!


Linda said...

He did a really good job on this!! I've always wanted to learn how to needle felt - but haven't done it yet. But one of these days!

Linda in VA

kathy b said...

Needle felting looks so cool. I love the finished product! Does it hurt?

KSD said...

"Self-identified as special snowflakes" --- that's the kind of thing that makes me REALLY miss teaching!