Sunday, October 25, 2015

Help me!

So I"m going to make the Traveller's Mitts and I have enough yarn in two colors of Panda Cotton.

Panda Cotton is 60% bamboo, 25% cotton and 15% elastic nylon so this should make good cool-not-freezing-cold knitwear.

Color 1: "Lacquer Red"
Color 2: "Fuchsia"

My winter coat is black, I have scarves in every color, if I do wear a hat it is usually black, so what color should I use?  Leave a thought in the comments please!

In other news:
  • All Blacks won and will meet Australia in the Rugby World Cup final next Saturday!
  • We watched "Woman in Gold" with Helen Mirren last night--it was good--about Nazi Art Thefts
  • I'm reading "The One and Only"--this book goes really fast--it is pretty lightweight and if you like football (Twinnie) it might be a good read from the library.
  • It is raining, that is nice.
I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the color I should use!


Anonymous said...

Red, because red and black is a classic combo.

kathy b said...

You cant loose with either color. I say PINK

Anonymous said...

Pink and black is so modern! Go for the pink!

Linda said...

I really like the pink, but I say - go with the red. Red and black are two of my favorite colors. My first thought was make one in pink and one in red - but that was just whacky me!

Linda in VA

fillyjonk said...

My personal inclination is "if glitter is a color choice, choose glitter, and if it is not a color choice, then choose pink" so I'd say pink, but I also realize that may just be me.

I like that pink though.

elns said...

I think both will be a great pop with your black outerwear, but I'm going with pink for that extra pizazz! It will be just the right amount of a beautiful bright color!

I am wishing for rain so hard, it's childlike.

KSD said...

The red looks warm and classic, the pink pop-y and not quite as warm (tonally.)
Basically, I'm not helping.