Sunday, October 18, 2015

Remember Tucker?

I haven't knit on Tucker for a long time--this is the sweater with the cabled yoke. It just takes forever in stockinette, around and around. Well, I picked it up yesterday and got the body done (that is, the body up until the sleeves get joined in) and now I'm doing the first sleeve.

SO EXCITING! Not really. I'm getting Tuckered out but must persevere.

In other news:

*All Blacks DEMOLISHED France in the knock out.
* Ducks beat the Huskies (Vernon Adams was back and we needed him)
*Started "The Martian"--it is really good. I'm proposing a new class for next year called Science, Literacy and Communication" and I might include this book.
*Had a fun lunch out with Tim at Hop Valley Brew Pub.
 *Rain but not nearly enough

Hope your weekend is going well!


kathy b said...

My sister loved the book the MARTIAN TOO

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty busy weekend.