Saturday, October 10, 2015

Round and round

The tree skirt is growing:

And I guess at some point it will tell me when it's done--when it is a full circle. It looks like about 2/3 of a circle here.

Tim is a bit worried it will be too short--I think it will block out and grow a bit, or else as I told him I could wear it as a skirt. Ho Ho Ho!

We went to the home show today, with thoughts of our house in mind. We want to put in a Tulikivi (a big old stove) and we also saw a few examples of in-house saunas. They are priced pretty inexpensively and that was a bit of a surprise. Tim also thinks he might be able to build one so we're thinking about that too. A sauna might be lovely on the coast!

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kathy b said...

Oh that tree skirt is going to be just gorgeous! We dont put out presents until Christmas Eve so the skirt gets lots of compliments and is very important under our fake tree