Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sous Sous Update

Yup, that's the front and in about 30 or so rows I'll be done with it!

I was pretty confused about how the pattern would come together because the back has shoulder shaping and the front does not. Now I realize the shoulder shaping means that the sweater will be straight across the back but high-low across the front. It just kind of came to me this morning how it all worked.

Because the pattern has no schematics, but whatever.

Anyway--now I'm going to move full speed ahead. The other thing with this is because there is so much 'ease' that the top part of the sleeve are made from the existing front and back. So that's cool! Once I finish the top and sew the shoulders, I pick up stitches for the sleeves and then knit about four inches of sleeves to finish it off.

Which is good because I'm ready for Sous Sous to be done. I do love this yarn and I do love this pattern or else it would end up in the Pile of Never Ending Wips.

What else? I"m reading "The Clasp" by Sloane Crosley (I think) and it is quite good. We continue to enjoy "Indian Summers" and "Home Fires" on Masterpiece (although I refer to the latter as 'Home Fries'). The only problem with Home Fires is that every guy is a jerk.

I'm waiting for the arrival of our vet for a house call. Our cat Stella is brain damaged and one way that is manifested is her inability to go to the vet without freaking out totally. She is on Phenobarbital to control a seizure disorder and those silly drug people, they want a visual confirmation that Stella is still alive and we're not running a black market phenobarbital business out of our house. So our terrific vet comes over and gives her a good look see (as much as possible for our Stella) and then all is good for another year. We're very fortunate that given Stella's very rough start in life (hence the brain damage) she is relatively healthy and we're used to her quirks right now and have integrated them into our life. We're also fortunate we have a great pet sitter that she appears to love more than us and can care for her when we're away.

And Ducks play tonight. Go Ducks she said wearily/warily.

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kathy b said...

I guess I better expect the Psychiatrist to visit Tank to be sure he's taking the Prozac not us! So glad it works for catss

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww...poor Stella. Glad you found a vet that is so accomodating. Hope she got a good report! :-)

Kim in Oregon said...

Stella did great during her exam and even allowed our vet to give her a rabies shot (two cases of rabies reported this week in Oregon). She's gained a bit of weight (yay) and so all is good!

Linda said...

Sweet Stella! I'm so happy you found a vet who will make house calls - bless that person! We need more of them out there!

I keep looking at The Clasp every time I go to the bookstore - but so far have not bought it! Maybe I'll get it from the library....

Linda in VA

rosy said...

Aah, lovely Stella. I don't think vets do house calls over here ~ well for farms I suppose but not pets. Our vet is only a mile or so away so not too much hassle and Tully is pretty good at getting in his carrier though he cries in the car.

I can't do the survey as I don't use Ravellry ~ shame as I love giving my opinion!