Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ToT Travel Tote time!

What are ten things that I put in my travel tote?

I travel a couple of times a year--not a big traveler as it isn't one of my favorite things and being an introvert it is difficult to be out of my comfort zone. But part of my job is travel (conferences) which are kind of fun sometimes. I'm waiting to hear if I'll go to two conferences next March--one in Florida and one in Seattle (will go to Seattle no matter what I'm guessing). So when I go--what are ten things in my travel tote?

  1. Knitting--it always starts with knitting. Generally socks and non-metal needles although honestly I don't think anyone cares any longer. I also used to carry a self-addressed stamped envelope in case they got confiscated but I stopped that a while ago.
  2. Glasses. I wear contacts but always feel better if I know where my glasses are at all times.
  3. Wallet. 
  4. Phone with boarding pass on the display. I think this is one of the most awesome things on the planet. I'm not addicted to my iPhone and several days can go by without using it (except for Two Dots) but since I have a habit of losing boarding passes (where do they go?) I love this ability.
  5. Pen. For the Sudoku in the airline magazine.
  6. Eye drops for dry eyes that I forget to a. put in the baggie with other things and b. put in my eyes during the flight.
  7. Lip gloss.
  8. Kindle.
  9. Laptop.
  10. Cords (power and ear buds)
I wish I wasn't so connected to the laptop (haha see what I did there?) that I didn't need to carry it everywhere!


Coltisor de Rai said...

Have a wonderful day!

Bonny said...

I travel with some sharp metal dpns, and they've never seemed to bother the TSA at all. Thanks for the eye drop reminder; I also forget to put them in my eyes during the flight but I'll be able to see better to knit without dry eyes!

kathy b said...

Great list. I have to bring the CORDS too. I also bring a small arsenal of tylenol, advil, xanax, benadryl, etc

Linda said...

I haven't travelled in over 8 or 9 years! I too am an introvert. And I'm a homebody. So going away really causes me anxiety!! But I wish I could travel more - I know I would enjoy myself once I was actually there (maybe - LOL!)

Linda in VA

elns said...

Interesting. I like the lead with the knitting. I'm swapping your lip gloss for lip balm, and add a notebook to your Pen item. :) Very cool list. I think Eye drops are brilliant. I used to keep a couple of the individual tears style drops in my purse when I went through a dry eye phase. Brilliant for flights!

Anonymous said...

My knitting always gets in first. Then whatever else fits can go. LOL

I'm not going ANYWHERE without some knitting.

Susan said...

I seem to think that knitting still gets confiscated on Australian carriers, but I'm not sure whether that's for their domestic or international flights. I haven't had any trouble ever flying with knitting needles, but I usually try to pick a project with dpns or circulars and also to have the item in progress before we get to the airport, so they know it's legit.

Leslie said...

So many lists are similar - great minds and needs

Kwizgiver said...

I can't believe I forgot to pack my knitting (in my list)!