Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ToT: Weekend at Sheehan's

I blogged twice this weekend so there isn't much more to say, but here goes: this week's Ten on Tuesday is ten things you did this Columbus Day Weekend. It wasn't a three-day weekend for either of us but I'll add some of the stuff I did yesterday anyway.

1. Home Show! Where we fell in love with the idea of a sauna in the house.
2. Walks with dogs--we got in two good walks together, and I took them for another walk yesterday when I got home from work.
3. Ducks. Argh.
4. I watched the Patriots game and knit--got another wedge of the Christmas Tree Skirt done. Probably finished the wedge during SNF.
5. Made chili--it wasn't quite cold enough but yum!
6. Got lunch out on Saturday at our favorite pub, Chow.
7. Got a carry out lunch on Sunday and sat outside since it will start raining some day.
8. Finished "The Dark Web".
9. Raked leaves. The wind blew a lot of leaves around to cover our front walk and I took care of those.
10. Graded (well that was yesterday).

Meet Columbus Day weekend, same as every other weekend!


Kwizgiver said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Linda said...

My husband loves chili - with cornbread. so I fix it often - all year long. Sometimes I think it is a bit warmish for chili - but he doesn't - LOL!

Linda in VA

elns said...

I wish you could've had a three-day but it sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. Your Christmas Tree skirt is looking really good.