Sunday, November 29, 2015


Today is day 29 of NaBloPoMo! Do you know what that means? Today and tomorrow and then we bid NaBloPoMo a fond farewell!

Yesterday was a nice and interesting day. Tim is still working very hard to get his schoolwork done (and he has less than two weeks) so he's busy. I went to the library, then went out and got us some lunch, then went over to meet a new baby. In between I read and knit, and then last night we watched the first episode of Season 5 of Boardwalk Empire.

I'm still not enthralled with this:

But  I will continue with it. Other knitting news: I'm about five rounds away from finishing Tim's Christmas hat and I've done a few more rounds on Koto. So it has been a good knitting weekend.

Yesterday I read a pretty lightweight book called "The Knockoff" about a woman who took a six month leave from her job as a magazine editor and when she comes back to work she finds that the digital revolution has passed her by. It is meant to be lightweight but it has some good reflections about what happens to a society when speed and disruption are more valued than good stories. Kind of what the communications professions are living through right now.

I'm also reading "Undermajordomo Minor" which is--well---odd and interesting at the same time.

Tomorrow starts the last week of classes--hoorah!--and then finals week (grading) and then I get three and a half months 'off' for research time (I have four projects that need writing up during that time). Next week should be very busy with end of term meetings and the symphony on Thursday. Also, I'm introducing my friend Lauren at her book reading tomorrow night. If you like ballet or are a ballet mom, you would like her book: . And there's a character in the book named Kim.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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Bridget said...

I realized earlier NaBloPoMo will be over after tomorrow. I have to say that in a way, I'll miss it. I felt really connected to people in a way I haven't before.

But Christmastime will keep us all busy, that's for sure!