Thursday, November 05, 2015

Finding Koto

Students use the term 'back in the day' to refer to any historical time period. "Back in the day, Caesar was in charge" and "Back in the day, people needed their land lines to connect to the Internet." So back in the day I started the sweater Koto (rav link). I liked how it looked and I was pretty sure I had some dark grey yarn that I wanted to make for it.

Historical note: according to Rav this was published in June 2015 so 'back in the day' isn't that long ago.

So anyway--I started Koto. I remember starting it, I remember knitting on it, but I don't remember what I did with it.

So I excavated my WIPs--I found a really really cute short blue cable sweater that is about halfway done and a pair of bootie slipper with nups, also really cute, and a colorwork shawl that I do love but I am pretty sure it will never get done, but NO KOTO. These WIPs were all in project bags in the guest room closet. Then I searched in the 'official knitting bags' on the floor of the closet. No Koto. Then I fretted about it for a day or two and would go back and search where I already searched. But not surprisingly, no Koto.

I did find a bag with the yarn that I had thought I had planned to use for Koto. The bag was opened but that doesn't really mean anything. But I put that in a project bag anyway.

Then I was looking at my sock yarn stash which is in cubby holes in the guest room. There are also several smaller project bags but I thought 'why would I put Koto in a sock yarn project bag'? But a day or so into the Koto search I did find it in a sock pattern bag. No pattern with the project but I did have a row counter and I had knit so little on it that it won't be hard to pick it up again.

So pictures on that soon.

In Sous Sous news: I have a sleeve halfway done that looks weird but just remember this a drop shoulder sweater with sleeves that go to about bracelet length.Sorry it is upside down--stupid iPhone Camera:


Bonny said...

My husband and I used to blame the disappearance of things on our kids, but they've moved out. We now blame Larry, our perfectly nice neighbor as our scapegoat. He's taken my husband's good gloves, a ratchet set, and two of my row counters, and it looks like he may have visited you to mess with Koto. I'm glad you outwitted him.

Bridget said...

This is when I decide that there are such things as fairies and they have hidden whatever it is I'm trying to find. Sometimes, I never ever ever find things again.

kathy b said...

Glad you can pick up where you left off with the row counter!

rosy said...

Growing up we had an invisible maid called Marjorie who used to break things or eat the last bit of cake or forget to put the tea strainer or the cruets on the table at meal time. We were always shouting for her but she never came . . . she used to hide things too . . . maybe she went to your house ;)

fillyjonk said...

Heh, I always figured the statute-of-limitations on "back in the day" was more than 50 years ago - I have only ever used "back in the day" to refer to stuff I experienced during my childhood/adolescence (or later, like grad school), so anywhere from 20-40 years ago.

KSD said...

That is a GREAT sweater.