Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leaves and hats

We have a bird bath in our back yard that we generally forget about for most of the year--not good of us! We have (thankfully) had a lot of rain this fall and the birdbath has been full--and yesterday I took a picture of it:

The combination of the leaves in the water and the dark sky seemed very pretty to me. So there's a little piece of nature to start you off today.

I'm really enjoying this hat I'm knitting for Tim. The name of the pattern is Father Cables and the pattern allows for either a fitted or a slouchy version. I'm doing the large slouchy version for Tim because he tends to take a larger hat size than normal.

Here is how it looks so far:
I'm about 40% done through the cable pattern and I like making this a lot. The cables aren't complex, and they are only four stitch cables so I can do them without a cable needle (I do this by holding two stiches in my fingers---I don't do that fancy 'move them around' move because fingers work just fine). The yarn is Cascade 220 and this will be a Christmas gift for him.

There are only two weeks left in the term and the students and I are all exhausted. This really isn't surprising. I've got a book chapter 65% done so that's a win. And next week is Thanksgiving so there's that.


Bridget said...

The colors in your two photos are complementary to each other!

That is a really cool hat - I might have to try it ...

Bonny said...

I love how your forgotten bird bath looks so lovely, almost as nice as your hat! My oldest son is in grad. school and his recent phone calls have seemed to be mainly about the seemingly endless slog towards the end of the semester. Hope you and your students reach the finish line without collapsing!

kathy b said...

Your hat looks so great! Intricate and the color is perfect

Anonymous said...

Tim's hat is the perfect color for a Christmas hat. Looks like it will be cozy warm too.

Hope the next couple of weeks of the semester go along quickly. Then it's time for a nice, long break! :-)