Saturday, November 07, 2015

NaBloPoMo 7 days in!

Congratulations to all of us who are doing NaBloPoMo and who have done seven days in a row! Yay us! I am having a good time reading other people's blogs and I really appreciate everyone who is commenting on my blog too!  It certainly keeps me going when I see that you're enjoying my blog.

So I posted a few days ago about Finding Koto and here it is in all its exciting glory:

This has 207 stitches on the needles and is knit in this corrugated pattern for 4 and a half inches--and then there are some short rows to make it longer in the back. The yarn is Valley Yarns from Webs---I think it might be Northhampton? I will check and let you know. It is quite soft but it doesn't look that soft in this picture.

Yesterday was a bit of a nutty day---I taught from 9-12, had lunch with a colleague from 12-1, had student appointments til 2;30, graded 10 grad student teaching philosophies and outlined a book chapter. I had committed to this chapter last spring and collected data over the summer but then put it aside since I thought it was due in March or May. Surprise! It is due January 1. I got a two week extension but feel better now that the outline is put together and the data is analyzed.

I finished "The Underwriting" (it was OK--not a satisfying ending) and started "In the Unlikely Event" by Judy Blume. I read about 50 pages and stopped--it wasn't grabbing me. I also had just got "The Lake House" by Kate Morton from the library and really wanted to read that so I started that. If you haven't read any books by Kate Morton you should--she's good. So I have a week or two left on the borrowing for the Judy Blume book so I can return to it if I wish. "The Lake House" so far is great.

Today will be reading and knitting and shopping for buttons and then the Ducks tonight--Go Ducks!


kathy b said...

I will pass the author and book recommendation to AL!

Bridget said...

Glad you found your project! I'll be curious to see it as it moves along.

It's a gloomy day here, which makes me glad I have things to do in the house. Right now I'm watching the ND-Pitt game ... if the station stays in focus ...

Anonymous said...

I read In The Unlikely Event a few months ago. It wasn't my FAVORITE book ever, but it was a good enough read.

The cowl looks pretty nice. That color will go with a lot of things.

KSD said...

Took a nap so I could stay up and see the uni. . . I MEAN watch the game tonight. QUACK.

Kim in Oregon said...

Apple green for a victory! A wet victory!