Friday, November 20, 2015

Over it

So the Tucker sweater? The teal one with the sleeves? The one I'm about to start the cable yoke on?

I'm over it. I was working on it the other night and looked at it and thought  "I'm just not into you".

I don't know why-- I think endless stockinette wore me out, the cable instructions look a bit fiddly (every fourth or so row you have to move the start of the row a few stitches to the right or left--what's up with that?), there are a couple places in the body where the stitches look uneven and there is no way I'm ripping back at this point...

Just over it.

Plus it is the end of the term and I am daunted by those cables (and that doesn't make sense, because I can handle the cabling in the hat I showed you yesterday). So I just don't know. Over it.

Hopefully once the term is over and I have three months of sabbatical I'll get excited about it.

Other stuff:

1. Worked a bit on Koto last night--three rounds of knitting followed by a round of purl:

In an inch or so I start the high/low hem with short rows.

2. Today is Tim's birthday! Happy birthday sweetie!

3. We are two thirds of the way through NaBloPoMo! Huzzah indeed!


Mary Lou said...

Sometimes the time-out helps. It becomes clearer that you can stick with it or happier to rip it all out. Three months of sabbatical - jealous.

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday to your Tim! (And fwiw, I think Christmas-themed gifts for November birthdays are just fine ... ;-) )

kathy b said...

Yes time out!!! I think that's in order. All that purling would do me in

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Tim!

Sometimes we are way over a project before it is officially over. Sometimes it just happens. Maybe the love will return during sabbatical!