Monday, November 30, 2015

The ABCs of NaBloPoMo

Inspired by Kathy!

A is for almost as in--we're almost done!
B is for blog--where I've spent time this November.
C is for creative--I've loved reading all the creativity on everyone's blogs.
D is for damnit--what I say on the days I forget to blog!
E is for every day blogging, how many of us will keep this up?
F is for friends--new friends--that I met through blogs.
G is for geez--as in 'geez I have nothing to say'.
H is for help with ideas for blog posts.
I is for inspiration--thanks to Carole!
J is for Just Do It, my unofficial mantra douring NaBloPoMo.
K is for all the Kims/Kyms that I now follow thanks for NaBloPoMo!
L is for leftovers because we still have them from Thanksgiving--but no leftover embargoes posts!
M is for maybe I will try this next year---
N is for--or maybe Not!
O is for OMG not that spinning wheel of death which suggests that my blog post might not be saved and might be whooshed into the ether!
P is for pictures because they are worth thousands of words during NaBloPoMo
Q is for quick, which is what many of my posts were this month.
R is for running out of things to write about!
S is for super, how I feel writing this last post (SuperBlogger)!
T is for The Twinnie and her blog
U is for unusual, which some blog posts can be this month
V is for visual, I love seeing pictures on blogs!
W is for weather--we had so much rain this month--hoorah!
X is for  Xcited for December and a bit of a blog break!
Y is for yarn--the subject of this blog!
Z is for zoom--which is how quickly November went by!


Bridget said...

I love this! And I agree that November seemed to zoom by.

I have to say NaBloPoMo was fun, and I'm really glad I participated. I "met" a lot of new people (including you), who are now some of my regular reading.

I hope your December is a happy one!

rosy said...

I too am Xcited about December but I hope your blog break is not long!

kathy b said...

I Loved your NOvember posts! You did it!!!

KSD said...

I'm a T! You're so sweet.