Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ToT: Hang (wo)Man

Today Carole asked "where do you hang out?"

I haven't thought about this in forever--my last 'hang out' was probably the round table in the Reading Room at my high school where my friends and I hung out whenever we didn't have class. But I have places I gravitate to, so here is my list:

1. The Cozy Room--a while ago we put in a gas stove and a really comfortable sofa and ottoman in our TV room, and we hang out there most evenings.
2. The Living Room--bigger and brighter than the cozy room--the sofa in this room is 'hang out central' for the dogs so they can see everything that's going on.
3. The Office--Tim and I both do some work at home and we share an office. My space is usually a mess but I'll clean it up sooner or later.
4. The Patio--in the summer. Tim gave me great reclining chairs for my birthday one year and this is a fabulous place to hang out in nice weather. It is small but we planted trees all around the edges so we really can't see (a lot of) our neighbors.
5. Work--or I guess my office at work. Because of seniority I have a nice sized office with a huge number of windows that look out over a magnolia tree and over a lot of green space. I've angled my desk so I can work looking out. I like it. Plus I have one of those nice Erewon (sp?) chairs and that's nice too.
6. Chow--one of our favorite brew pubs--we go there probably every other Saturday. Small and funky, great food, and they welcome us warmly whenever we go.
7. Steelhead--another brew pub on our hang out list.
8. Hop Valley--another brew pub on our hang out list.
9. The Hideaway Bakery--a coffee place where I hang out with my friend Lauren.
10. The coffee place in the basement of the library at work--I'm sure it has a clever name but I don't know what it is. My 'escape' place when I'm on campus.

So that was easier than I thought! My favorite is probably the Cozy room--what is your favorite hang out place?


Bonny said...

I love how everyone has their own version of the Cozy Room, and I'm very envious of all your brewpubs! Sadly, we don't even have a good local coffee place in rural central NJ let alone a brewpub. Enjoy all your hangouts!

Donna said...

You have lots of nice places to hang out! I thought I was the only one who liked to hang out at work. A big office with windows is helpful too.

AsKatKnits said...

Brew pubs are just the best places!

margene said...

Your cozy room sounds very warm and cozy! I don't mind hanging out at work, but I found a few other places on my list I like more. :)

margene said...
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kathy b said...

So hard to pick just one: but in front of the fireplace with my knitting

dianne said...

The Cozy Room, I just love the sound of that and it really paints a picture to the type of space it is :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite place to hang is the Brew-Dlicious Coffee Shop on Central Ave. in St. Petersburg. Great coffee and funky vibe.