Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday What's Up?

It is what's up Wednesday! Yes i just made that up. Anyway--it is the day before Thanksgiving and here is what's up:

-the Koto sweater is moving right along--this sweater has a hem that is lower in the back than in the front and the short row back is done--but you really can't tell:

-we finished both 'seasons' of W1A on Netflix (the BBC show) and lest you think we spent a lot of time binging, two seasons is only 9 30 minute episodes. One of the characters wore this scarf through much of the second season:

From what I can tell it is an infinity scarf done in some type of fair isle or slipped stitch that I think was knit in a tube. I thought to myself--hmm self--is there anything in the stash?

-And the stash delivers:
I bought a lot of yarn a long long time ago and started some mittens but never finished them and scrapped the whole thing. I think the browns and the blues and the orange colors will work just fine. How bout that!


Bridget said...

Oh I cannot wait to see your infinity scarf - those colors are lovely!

I always manage to screw up short rows. Always.

Bonny said...

I love how some Netflix binging has led to some stashbusting! The colors are great and I bet the scarf will be really lovely and warm.

kathy b said...

ohhhhh great color choices. You put them together well. I want to see your plan for pattern