Sunday, November 01, 2015

Welcome to NaBloPoMo!

It is National Blog Post Month! My plan is to write a blog post every day. For you, dear reader, that basically means instead of one longer post every few days I'll have a shorter post every day. I'm also going to try to remember to use my camera phone and take pictures of things (what things? no idea. But stay tuned).

Yesterday was Halloween, and it threatened to rain all day. We had a few Trick or Treaters come by very early--6:15 or so--and then the heavens opened up. No one came by after that and then we shut the light off at about 7:30 but I'm pretty sure no one was out.

So if you need a fun sized Snickers....

I finished the front of Sous Sous, even seamed the shoulders, and picked up stitches for the first sleeve.

This is right before I bound off:
AS much as I would dearly love to finish this, and to cast on for lots of other things, I need to return to a jumper I started this summer for our Niece Jean's baby. When I started it, the baby was five months away. Now the baby is three weeks away. Better get on the move, yes?

Oh and if you didn't hear-- ALL BLACKS WON THE RUGBY WORLD CUP AND ARE THE FIRST REPEAT WINNERS EVER! The game was on live and it was very, very, very close. With three minutes left I wasn't sure if I could watch the end. But a breakaway run sealed it for the Kiwis. Congratulations blokes!


Donna said...

We went out last night but my neighbors said there no kids again this year. Where do a these little ones go these days??

rosy said...

I didn't get any Trick-or-Treaters either. It seems to be the thing over here to only go to homes you have 'warned' beforehand. Or to put decorations out as a sign. I couldn't find my pumpkin candle ~ serves me right for not looking until almost dark ~ so I think my house just didn't look welcoming enough :(

kathy b said...

I've joined for November too! We had NO trick or treaters due to the rain rain rain

Anonymous said...

We have a ton of fun-size Snickers ourselves.

I don't know why, but we only had 5 kids come to the door. I remember years when I went through 10 bags of candy. Now we didn't even put a dent in ONE!