Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10 Gifts from the Grocery Store

Carole asks: Have I bought gifts from the grocery store? Hell yes! Oh that's not very Christmassy--is it? Heck yes!

Here are ten gifts that I've given (and will give again) from the PC Market of Choice--my neighborhood grocery store--a small chain in Oregon. It was once the Price Chopper, but given that it is based in a Northwest College Town 'PC' in a good name for it.

1. Chocolate--the PC has all kinds of good chocolate including one of my favorites (Ritter Sports) as well as Moonstruck chocolates (Portland) and Euphoria Chocolate (Eugene). At Christmas there is a table when you walk in covered with high end chocolate.

2.Wine including champagne and saki. They have a lovely wine section run by a lovely man who will help you pick out wine--ranging from $6 to $100 a bottle.

3 Microbrews--mostly PNW and Cali but from other lands as well. Plus a huge variety of hard cider. No ginger beers though.

4 Burts Bees stuff---yes the company is owned by Clorox and when Clorox bought the company they really screwed over Burt but having a variety of BB stuff (for adults and babies) makes a nice little basket for a gift (and they don't have the baskets here--but I bet they would dig one out of the back).'

5 Organic cotton socks. Often in Tie Dye. Because Eugene.

6 Buckwheat filled flannel bags that you can throw in the microwave to heat and use on sore muscles or as a foot warmer--wonderful gift.

7 Water bottles and tableware with UO logos (go Ducks!). You can even get animal crackers frosted in green and yellow (because Go Ducks!).

8 Coca-cola from Mexico--I guess they use real sugar in that soda and it is quite a treat.

9 Small baking dishes -- those white ceramic ones that you (not me though) could bake a little yummy thing in and give as a gift.

10 Dog toys--they're organic and made of hemp and Comet will destroy them in minutes.

I didn't mention the flowers or the plants or the coffee cups and coffee makers or the fruit baskets. And keep in mind this is a pretty small store--not the size of a  regular store--and the lovely things are there because they only stock 5 types of tortillas instead of 75 and only 35 kinds of breakfast cereal--you know what I mean!


Donna said...

Some great ideas! I love Burt's Bees. And dog toys - like they really care where the gift comes from anyway?

Kwizgiver said...

Love your ideas!

Susan said...

The Coca Cola from Mexico is the only kind I drink. I usually drink Diet Soda because I hate the sweetener in regular sodas. My husband prefers it because he's from Central America so he's used to soda with real sugar in it. I don't remember when they made the change in the US, but I wish they would change it back.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all good gift selections.

Bridget said...

I think it sounds like a fun place to shop!

elns said...

Great list with excellent ideas. But honestly? You had me at chocolate and wine :)

Chere Mama said...

8 and 9 are great ideas. Burts Bees too!

AsKatKnits said...

"Organic cotton socks. Often in Tie Dye. Because Eugene."

Best item ever. This world needs more Eugene!