Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing day!

We had a lovely but quiet Christmas--Tim has a horrible cold and he was relatively out of commission yesterday--we mostly ate leftovers and hung around. But we gave eachother lovely gifts--many with a New Zealand theme--and they were appreciated on both sides!

Here was the table for Christmas eve dinner--set with the mason jar candles!
On our walk on Christmas eve, we found a few wild red berries (one from a tree with thorns, another was wild rose I think) and we brought those home for the jars so we had red in the water and no ribbons were needed.

After dinner I moved them into the cozy room:

I put them on top of the stove. You can see our bells hanging from the window too.

That ends my hubris over my extreme decorating for the holidays.

I'm continuing with knitting although it seems to be going slower! I have knit a bit more of the winging it scarf:

 This is the newest bit:

Today I'm going over to some friends' for Boxing Day--hopefully Tim will feel well enough to come too.

Enjoy the weekend!


kathy b said...

Love your fairisle. Hope your husband is better fast

Bridget said...

Oh I hope your husband will feel better!

Your table, the candles, and the bells look so festive, I love it!

The fairisle is so incredibly pretty. I need to try something like that, I love fairisle but am generally lazy ...

KSD said...

Sorry about The Tim. Hope he's much better. And your Christmas couldn't look, and, I suppose, feel, more comfy.