Monday, December 07, 2015

Completely Discombobulated

Usually on Mondays we are up before 6:30 and showered and dressed and out of the house by 7am (Tim) and 7:25 (me) and we're in our work clothes and the coffee is organized and the house is straight and the work it happens.

Not today! Today is the first day of finals week and I stayed in my pjs til 9am doing things like grading! And I didn't use the flat iron on my hair! And Tim is home working and I'm working and I'm getting stuff done! BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DAY IT IS!

Plus today we are having All. The. Weather. It has poured down rain several times and it is VERY windy and it is FREAKISHLY warm. So that's disconcerting too.

Today I graded 11 graduate portfolios, one student final paper, reviewed two award submission and wrote a recommendation for which one should win and reviewed a dissertation proposal. And talked to my publisher about marketing my new book. ALL THE WORK! So proud of myself.

Here was the status of the tree last night:
And here was Miss Jessie Cat's reaction as she has inserted herself behind the sofa cushion:

And here are flowers that were sent for Thanksgiving but are still beautiful:

I think I need structure.


Anonymous said...

As long as you have lights....the tree is good. I think Miss Jesse Cat is enjoying them.

rosy said...

Wow! Busy! Just catching up on your last week of blogging.
I have never read Edith Wharton either although one is sitting in my 'to read' pile. Maybe over Christmas . . . .
I did once, years ago, read James's 'The Golden Bowl' and found it well nigh incomprehensible (I think I was too young!) but then saw the 1972 TV serial which clarified fortunately! Maybe that would be a good Christmas read too . . . .

Bridget said...

Your tree looks pretty, and your kitty somewhat disinterested, so I'd say it's a win!

Any little change in my routine means that I have a hard time keeping track of days, time, etc. I might as well be a hundred years old.