Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Meme!

Kathy posted another meme that is a fun one for we knitters!

Are you finishing a project before the New Years? I don't think so--I'm smack dab in the middle of four of them!

Did you donate your time/knits to charity? No--I need to do more of this--and participate when friends call out for people to do charity knitting.

Did you meet up with any bloggers? Um no. I'm not doing well on the meme.

Did you take a yarn class? I'm not big on classes--trying to think now if I learned a new technique--no? I do prefer to teach myself though.

Did you knit in a Doctor's waiting room? Yes yes yes of course! I knit at the dentist's and at the GP's. And at my eye doctor too.

Did you buy more yarn, needles or patterns in 2015? I tried not to buy anything---but probably patterns if truth be told. I only bought yarn for projects that needed more yarn.

Did you go to Ravelry often? Yes I spend a lot of time there--I look for new patterns (especially free ones) (especially ones that are free for a few days and then cost $6) and I spend time on the board dedicated to professors who knit. I love the Rav! I also tried to sell a bunch of yarn but the value of Rav for yarn sales has sort of dried up--maybe I'll try again after the New Year when the purge continues.

Happy New Year 's Eve everyone! Meme with us!


kathy b said...

So glad you had fun with my Meme. Ravelry is such a fantastic resource.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very happy 2016!