Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Krafting with Kim

I subscribe to a blog called "Craft Gossip" which is basically an aggregate of every craft blog post in the known universe. So I get about 20-40 posts per day with craft ideas--most having to do with either polymer clay or printable stuff (to color? to put in scrap books? I have no idea). Today for example, here are five representative posts:

-DIY tree skirts you will love
-Anti Aging Natural Emulsified Soap Scrub-DIY
-70 Free Last Minute Christmas Printables
-Little Clay Jewels
-Yarn Bow Necklace (this, THIS, is the type of 'knitting' craft that this blog provides: link to yarn bow necklace).

You get the idea.

But yesterday one of the posts caught my eye--it was for an easy table decoration. Basically, you take a glass jar (although any wide glass would do), put some greenery in it, fill it with water, wrap a ribbon on it, put a votive candle in it (it floats) and ho ho ho. So I tried it and it is really cute:

I used a mason jar (a small size) and clippings from two plants in the back yard. I'll make the bows smaller tomorrow night (Tim says it doesn't even need a bow--the blog post suggested some cranberries in the water to add some red and I might try to figure out how to do that--my neighbors have some red berried plants so I might borrow some from them). (Borrow as in steal).

Lest you think I'm a Martha Stewart in the making, please note that I had a Biscotti fail. I had heard and read that one could make home made biscotti using box cake mix that you cook twice. I found several recipes that all said the same thing--you mix up cake mix with LOTS of eggs, you spread it out on a jelly roll pan, you cook it til it is light brown, you let it cool, you flip the whole shebang over and cook it for ten more minutes and then flip it again and cook it again. So I did.

It tasted awful. Awful. Tim said he sensed a 'burned sawdust' flavor and to me it just tasted gross. So into the bin it went.

Today I'm going to make chocolate crackle cookies and try some fudge. I wrapped everything yesterday so cookies and dinner tomorrow are all that I have left to do.

I'm reading "Boys in the Trees" -- Carly Simon's memoir. I'm about 1/4 of the way in and she's dropped out of college to tour with her sister. She is older than I thought (shouldn't she be, like, my age? She's close to 70 I guess and looks absolutely gorgeous. Anyway--it is OK. Not great.

It continues to rain. We went out for Thai food last night and then came home to watch "North by Northwest" last night--Tim had never seen it--and it is a wonderful movie!

Are you ready?


kathy b said...

I made chocolate chip biscotti once and if I can make it anyone can!
You make the cookies but in bar form in a low cookies sheet. Then you cut the cookies in long strips before they harden. Then you just toast them in the oven and flip them over after a bit. It worked. Regular cookie recipe just baked twice sort of

Anonymous said...

The one (and only) time I tried to make biscotti I ended up with a runny mess all over the over floor.

Your mason jar votive is adorable. You are welcome to come on over and "borrow" some of the holly berries off my tree. :::wink:::

Have a very Merry Christmas!

KSD said...

Cute with the Mason jars!

And --- what a surprise --- you and I have the same green folk Santa! I can see part of it in the last photo. Twins win.

rosy said...

I love this table idea. Thank you for posting. I will use if for the Neww Year's Eve Meal.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

The little votives are so sweet looking. That blog is fantastic.

Did you know you can make your own foaming hand soap? I did it and then was going to write about it but at least a dozen You Tubes popped up with how to do it.
It seems there isn't a thing that isn't already being done somewhere. India, China, Iceland, Africa. It's a great big, wide wonderful world now. So fine! So lovely. Merry Christmas Kim!