Saturday, December 05, 2015

Powering through

Yes, I didn't blog yesterday. WEIRD!

Thursday and Friday were busy days--the last two days of classes so everyone tried to cram in as many meetings as possible, many visits from students about final papers, and the like. I also had some errands that HAD to be done Thursday (drug refill for Stella, library book to be picked up) and we had the symphony Thursday night (it was great--it was really more of a 'pops' concert with works from Copland, Gershwin and Bernstein, two opera singers singing some of the "American Songbook", a world premiere by a Puerto Rican composer and our favorite, four pieces from Duke Ellington's "The River". Next Friday we'll hear (and see!) Yo-Yo Ma and I'm looking forward to that.

Friday, well here was my day:
8am: reference phone call for one of our PhD students
9-12: class
12-1: office hours with nonstop students
1-3: faculty meeting
3-4: making arrangements for candidate visits next term

Luckily I had a bit of downtown in the faculty meeting to catch up on email.

I had said to myself Thursday morning "you just need to power through til 4:00 Friday and then you're on easy street" and so hello, Saturday, I'm on easy street! Just 29 papers and 11 teaching portfolios to grade and then I'm done!

I have worked a bit more on this tube infinity scarf:

Making it up as I go along is really fun!

We watched the fall 'finale' of "Empire" last night. Have you ever seen that show? We started watching it last year because my college roommate Nealla Gordon had a small recurring role. The whole show is incredibly outrageous and makes NO SENSE AT ALL but the crazy characters, the good music, the wild clothes, and the sheer nonsensicalness of it (I know I'm repeating myself) make it compelling mindless viewing for me.

I'm reading a book called "Posh" which is fine. Whatever.

Anyway---we are going to start working on the tree this weekend. Tim finished a huge hurdle yesterday and is a much more relaxed state. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Pretty patterning on your scarf. Reminds me of a Fair Isle sweater.

Have a great semester break.

kathy b said...

Happy you finished the week strong. Love your fair isle.
I had no plans for today and it flew by. I jogged, I worked on some cards, I stopped at the grocery store. Sat by my SAD light.
NOw Son in sling wants me to drive him to the park where he can set up his camera for the sunset. I can do that. I 'd like to nap however!